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Ninja — who?

I am Vlad Gerasimov from and this site is my hobby project. I stumbled upon Pixelmator Pro while searching for a Photoshop alternative. After using it for some time, I liked it enough to create a whole website dedicated to it! Call me evangelist.

Anyway, I want to help Pixelmator Pro get the fame it deserves by sharing my knowledge and experience. Please enjoy! And if you do, consider supporting me by purchasing account (which also gives you access to 500+ unique wallpapers!).

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Pixel — what?

Pixelmator Pro is, in my opinion, one of the most undervalued graphics apps for Mac.

It is not as feature-rich as Photoshop (and rightly so), and it takes some time to adapt to its design decisions (as with any new tool). But after I did, I've been actually having fun using it – something you do not often have with software!

Pixelmator Pro works best for two use cases:

  • photo editing (retouching, manipulation, etc);
  • digital illustration – less obvious and more interesting for me personally.

Quick start guide

Are you totally new to Pixelmator Pro? Here's what I recommend:

  • Accept the sad fact that working with any new tool is painful at start;
  • Watch this 20-minute tutorial to learn the basics;
  • Glance through the official Help document, to get the idea of the product capabilities – you can also refer to it at any time from Help menu;
  • Practice practice practice;
  • Whenever you cannot figure something out, search the Community, or ask the question – it's active and the team is really helpful.